The Finest custom clothing expérience in town...

La qualité d’un costume ne résulte pas seulement des performances d’un tissu. Le choix de la coupe, le travail manuel mais avant tout la qualité de la construction jouera sur la souplesse et la résistance de l’ensemble. 

Nous avons plus de 10000 références tissus. La sélection qu’on vous présentera sera le fruit d’une recherche parmi les textiles les plus luxueux alliant confort, tenue et prestance. Des tissus sans défaut, qui ont de la « mémoire » et une élégance naturelle.

Nous réalisons un patron unique selon votre morphologie et prenons en considération plus de 30 points de mesures.

L'ATELIER HOCHE travail essentiellement selon un montage traditionnel avec des vestes entoilées (une toile, entre la doublure et le tissu, composé de crin de cheval, une toile de lin et recouvert de flanelle pour le confort), monté à la main. Nous réalisons également un entoilage semi-traditionnel avec un plastron buste pour souligner le galbe de la poitrine.

Conception de costumes, vestes, pantalons, gilets, manteaux, blazer et smoking sur mesure.

Réalisation entre 3 et 6 semaines selon l'atelier, la construction et le tissu  choisi.

 2 à 4 essayages intermédiaires avant la finalisation du Patron.

The combination of handwork in the assembly, the quality of the inside and outside fabric combine with a precise measurement make our Bespoke Collection a must Have. 

The standard in our collection is Gold, full canvas hand finition and buttoning. We can make it fully hand made or semi-traditional with less hand work. 

 It's all about the details:

  • "La milanaise" handmade lapel button hole.
  • Handmade buttoning and buttonhole
  • hand attached canvas, sleeve, collar and lapel
  • Light or heavy weight canvas

We made a selection of Tailors to create 2 differents collection in order to provide the widest selection and quality based on your requirement.


The Finest of Italien tailoring with a french touch. 

The alliance of a perfect cut/style with the highest quality making (Full canvas only) bring these creation to a level that some of the finest tailor could only hope they can acheive.  We invite you to come in our shop to try one of regular size jacket to expérience the ultimate perfection making. There is 2 lines: Classic and Business (more fitted). 

Starting @ 2780€ for a 2 peaces suit


 This collection will be your best compromise for a fully personalized outfit in a excellent budget/quality range. The choice of options like collar, lapel, shoulder, buttoning, inside and outside decoration, as well as handwork will make it a unique peace of art.

We start from scratch and define all the details and fit together. Advanced body mesurement to create a pattern that feels like a second skin. 

The only limit is your creativity

 Style Options:

  • 5 type of Shoulder Ropped, Italien, Natural, Soft, Napolit...
  • 10 Lapels: Semi-notch, Notch, Fish mouth, peak, shawl...
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 button, Nehru collar, double breasted, straight, rounded...
  • 3 body fit based on 30+ measurement: V Slim, Slim, Reg
  • 100's of Inside and outside pocket type
  • 10,000's of fabric
  •  Piping and stitching decoration
  • 100's of Lining

Starting @ 1180€ for a 2 pieces suit


Starting @ 780€ for a 2 peaces suit

Inspired by Priest Cloth®, a lightweight fabric that Loro Piana produced especially for ecclesiastical garments, Tasmanian® was created in the 1960s in response to the growing need for new and modern clothing that was light, versatile, crease-resistant, and creaseproof, and particularly suited for air-conditioned environments.

This extraordinary worsted fabric takes its name from the island of Tasmania, south of Australia, because it was originally made using only the merino wools coming from its uncontaminated lands.

Wish® is an elegant, refined fabric created from the best Super 170'sAustralian merino wool of a fineness that never exceeds 15 micron.

Exceptionally soft, it is lightweight with a flowing hand, perfect for tailored formal suits that drape beautifully.

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